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One Look® is all it takes
Imagine a world where you are the key to everything you do in your daily life, without the need for your own mobile device. This is the future Count® is creating.
Bridging businesses and consumers
Count® transforms how individuals interact with organisations.
Our platform supports a wide array of online and on-site use cases. These include fast-track registrations, logins, check-ins, fully automated identifications, and soon payments and ticketing.

By simply looking into the camera of a mobile device or computer, whether at home or at a checkout or service counter, users can quickly, securely, and efficiently transact. Count® enables seamless interactions across personal and third-party devices, extending its reach across channels, organisations, and countries.
One Look®
Powered by our One Look® technology, our infrastructure enables quick transactions without the need for emails, passwords, app downloads, or even the user's personal mobile device.
Regulatory compliance
Data protection
Based in Germany, we are fully GDPR compliant, with legal compliance ensured through the expertise of one of the world's leading law firms.
Peace of mind
Data security
We are technically compliant with ISO 27001 and PCI DSS. Our systems are meticulously designed with robust data security and scalability as core principles.
Artificial intelligence
Deepfake detection
Count® uses the latest AI-based solutions to protect against deepfakes. Our deepfake verification is passive and fully automated, requiring no human validation.
Active user consent
Non-invasive technology
When using our services, users are required to be in front of a camera and actively look into it, preventing capture by simply walking past the camera.
One world
Global Access ID
Similar to a universal customer number, our Global Access ID biometrically identifies users across organisations and countries, confirming that each user is unique.
No SDK integrations
Our solution is web-based and does not require integration of any software development kit, making it quick for organisations to add to their digital offerings.
We believe in a free world where One Look® is all it takes.
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