Who we are

Headquartered in Germany, our team at Count is on a mission to redefine how users think about and access their data. We are a growing tech startup committed to preventing the common practice of sharing, distributing and storing sensitive user data in silos. Instead, our technology hinges on decentralization and biometrics to restore the sanctity of private data.


Core Values

Our team at count believes in the power of curiosity, diversity and respect to drive innovation. In turn, we adopted a flat hierarchy where creative ideas can flow freely. As self-starters, we embrace our unique backgrounds to build a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Every step of the way, we uphold the highest levels of ownership, environmental consciousness, and transparency. Whether we’re exploring new possibilities, benchmarking our progress, or coordinating with our partners, we always prioritize clear communication and the fair treatment of all.


What We Do

In the increasingly digital world we live in, data defines us. Ultimately, data serves as our DNA, unlocking the door to our finances, health history, digital assets and more. To alleviate security risks while improving ease of access to an individual’s own data, our team at Count is developing a decentralized, biometric wallet.

As a society, we are overly dependent on our cards, physical wallets, and devices. In a sense, we lose our identity without these assets. Instead, Count’s non-invasive biometric wallet stores banking information, health data, ID cards, login credentials, NFTs, and more using your unique biological signature.

By safeguarding user data with GDPR, HDS, and PCI DSS compliance, Count’s initial release will protect against threats such as deepfakes while delivering dependable storage without compromise. As our capabilities expand, we will leverage public blockchain technology to allow for streamlined data sharing accessible exclusively by a user’s biometric permission.

Right now, we are seeking passionate developers, engineers, and visionaries seeking to help us reimagine the future of data.